What Is The Best Hunting Knife?

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In this article, we give you the guide you will need to choosing the best hunting knife for your needs, as well as review and analyse the 5 top rated hunting knives available.

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Hunting is the type of activity where your tools that you use have a massive impact on your results. If you do not have the right rifle, you probably won’t make a good kills shot. Similarly if you do not have the best hunting knife, you are likely to damage the meat while skinning your bounty. The most expensive hunting knife is not necessarily the best hunting knife. a lot of it also depends on your needs and preferences. For that reason we want to know what to look for when choosing the best hunting knife, in order for our needs to be met.

Which Knife Is the Top Rated Hunting Knife?

Want to know which knife is the top rated hunting knife reviewed below, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5? User comments for the hunting knife include: ”best Knife I ever bought“, “love this blade!” and “Phenomenal!“.

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The 5 Top Rated Hunting Knives

The list of the best hunting knife options available below are based on average user ratings and comments from users who have bought and used these hunting knives.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

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The Morakniv Companion hunting knife is a fixed blade knife that comes at a very good price. The MSRP  for this knife is below $20! These knives are manufactured by the Mora company in Sweden, who has been making knives sinces 1891. The knife also comes with a 1 year warranty, which indicates the level of quality associated with this knife

The blade is made from Sandvik stainless steel and is 4.1 inches long. The steel used for this blade is ultra-fine carbide steel, which makes the steel more durable and easier to sharpen. The stainless steel blade will mean that it is not susceptible to corrosion, so you can also use it for fishing etc. The blade is not a full tang blade, but it is approximately 75% into the handle of the knife, so it should provide the necessary stability associated with tang blades.

The handle uses a patterned high-friction grip. The handle is made from from a plastic/rubber material that is good for grip and should be easy to clean.

A true indicator that this is one of the best hunting knife options is that there are very few negative comments about this knife. Users have raved how sharp the blade is and that it is easy to maintain the sharpness of the blade.

Buck 102BKS Woodsman 4″

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In my opinion, Buck knives are the Cadillacs of knives. Buck has been making quality knives for more than a 100 years, and they do it in the USA! In fact, Buck knives are so good that Buck actually gives a life time warranty, which they call “The Forever Warranty“.

The Woodsman is a fixed blade knife that is ideal for use when hunting for small game or fishing. The blade is made from 420HC stainless steel and measures are 4 inches. As it is made from stainless steel, so you can use it in wet conditions without worrying about rust.

The handle is a black Phenolic handle and has an aluminum butt guard. The handle is not textured, so it might not give the grip that one might want from the best hunting knife. The knife also comes a genuine leather sheath and a life time warranty.

Users who have bought this knife just loves it! As expected from a contender for the title of the best hunting knife, there are very little negative comments for this knife. If you want a knife that is made from one of the premier knife makers and will give you value for your money, this is the best hunting knife for your needs.

Buck Knives 110-9210 Folding Hunter Lock-Back Knife

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If you want a simple, yet high quality knife, this is the best hunting knife for you. The Buck Knives Hunter folding knife is a very simple pocket knife for everyday use and outdoor activities such as hunting. The single stainless steel blade measures out at 3 3/4 inches long, making it fitting for fans of medium-sized knives. The implementation of stainless steel allows the blade to last for years with everyday wear and tear and even rough conditions outdoors. The blade for this particular knife is a straight-edge which is great for common uses such as self-defense and everyday cutting purposes. The handle is made up of a combination of wood and brass to make for a sleek design and a comfortable feeling while holding it. For a point, we have the popular clip-point design. This allows for great precision and control as well as great slicing and piercing ability.

Since the handle is made of brass and smoothed wood, it’s also not very easy to grip. This could be a hindrance in self-defense situations, and it could be a safety issue when using the knife for rough cuts or prying.

The straight-edge blade will be useful for many purposes both in everyday occurrences and outdoor use, but the lack of a sawing ability makes it less useful for certain survival purposes and cutting through particularly tough materials.

This knife has has many of the characteristics the best hunting knife should have, however on the negative side the handle is noted as being somewhat big and weighty, making it slightly annoying to carry around on an everyday basis and wield. The bulkiness and weight also make it a poor choice for a pocket knife, but the knife does come with its own sheath to make up for it.

The stainless steel blade is durable, but it will dull fairly quickly. This is especially true for people who wish to take advantage of the accuracy of the clip point for use in carving or anyone using the knife for hunting purposes.

Buck 691BKB Zipper

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The buck Zipper is the only knife on our list of the best hunting knife options with a gut hook. This is a fixed blade knife that has a 4-1/8 inch drop point blade, which is made from 420H stainless steel.

The handle of the knife is rubberized and texturized, making it really good to hold onto, and easy to keep clean! As expected from Buck fixed blade knives, the handle has a brass butt guard, which also makes it look really good.

Unlike the other Buck knives on this list of best hunting knives, this knife comes with a nylon sheath instead of a leather sheath. Some people might prefer the leather sheaths, as it looks really nice and lasts a long time. However, what I like about the nylon sheath is that you dont need to worry about it getting wet or dirty!

If you want a knife for skinning, this is likely to be the best hunting knife for your needs! The knife comes with Buck’s life time warranty.

As expected from the best hunting knife, this knife has few negative comments. The user reviews for this knife are all very positive. Users agree that the blade is delivered already very sharp and the handle offers really good grip. The fact that it is made in the USA is also a very popular feature among users!

Kershaw Rake

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Kershaw is another brand of manufacturer that is known for making the best hunting knife options. Kershaw knives are made in Tualatin, Oregon USA.

If you like folding knives that look good and can be used for general tasks too, this might be the best hunting knife for you. The Kershaw Rake knife is a folding knife with a composite blade. The blade is curved and measures in at 3.5 inches. The composite material used to make the blade consists of D2 steel on the cutting edge and Sandvik 14C28N steel on the spine. This makes for a strong, broad and serrated blade that is good for skinning purposes, while the clipped point is useful when you need to pierce the skin before you start skinning.

The best hunting knife needs to have good grip and this knife has it! The handle is made from G-10, which is a fiberglass laminate. Basically it is layers of fiber glass cloth that was soaked in resin, then compressed and baked. G-10 makes for a hard, lightweight and strong handles. The surface is textured for added grip.

The Kershaw has some useful features, such as the SpeedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system, which makes it easy to safely open the knife quickly with either your left hand or right hand. It also has a pocket clip, so you can clip the knife to your clothing or belt for quick and easy access.

A limited number of users noted that rust developed on their blades when the knife was exposed to water. However, most users commented on the good build quality, the sharpness of the blade and the ease with which the knife opens using the opening SpeedSafe system.

Choosing The Best Hunting Knife

Besides your hunting rifle or hunting bow, a quality hunting knife is one of your most important tools on a hunt. If you pick the wrong hunting knife, you are going to end up with a piece of metal that is useless and is just going to annoy you!

So when looking for the best hunting knife for your needs, there are a few important aspects that we strongly recommend you keep in mind.

Folding Blade vs Fixed Blade

You basically get two types of knives, namely folding knives and fixed blade knives. Each has its pros and cons. Folding knives are usually smaller, lighter and easier to carry with you. However, folding knives are not as strong and sturdy as a fixed blade knife could be.

If you decide to go with a fixed blade knife, we recommend looking for a knife with a Tang blade. A tang blade is a blade that extends all the way into the handle, making it much less likely for the blade to break off when pressure is applied to the blade.

Blade Design

There are three types of blades, namely drop point blades, clip point blades and skinning blades.

Drop point blades are curved and relatively thick, which makes it very robust. This blade is a good option for big game hunters as it allows you to skin off an animal using the entire edge of the knife instead of just the point, which will allow for quick skinning.

Clip point blades are thinner and has a more defined point than the drop point blades. These knives are better for general use, however will not perform the tasks related to hunting as well as a drop point knife will.

Skinning blades are as the name suggests, specifically designed for the task of skinning. These blades tend to have sweeping blades that are designed to easily separate flesh from skin.

Another design aspect to look out for when choosing the best hunting knife for your needs, is a gut hook. The gut hook is used by cut open the abdomen of an animal easily and effectively without disemboweling the animal. You can then use the gut hook to pull open the skin, almost like you would pull open a zipper.


Be careful to not only focus on the blade design when you look for the best hunting knife. Be mindful to also take into consideration the handle of the knife. If you need to perform tough tasks that require a lot of power, you want a handle with lots of grip so that your hands do not slip. You also want it made from a material that is not going to soak up blood and water.

Textured or checkered handles will provide you with better grip and they’re usually the most durable option since they’re crafted into the handle instead of attached to it. However, these handles can still be fairly slippery.

Rubber grips will provide you with better traction than textured and checkered handles, but rubber can easily deteriorate or get damaged. Having the grip attached to the handle instead of molded from it may also cause it to easily pop off.

What Do You Think?

The best hunting knife is a subjective matter. Everyone will have their opinion about which knife is indeed the best hunting knife. We would love to hear your thoughts, so please share your comments in the comments section below!

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