What Is The Best EDC Knife?

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Best EDC Knife

How often do you receive a box in the mail that seems to have an entire roll of tape used on it, or how often do you have that bag that you want to cut open? For these tasks you need a knife handy that will slice right through these annoying obstacles!

An everyday day carry knife, or EDC knife for short, is a knife that you carry on you everyday for general purpose use. So what is the best EDC knife?

Choosing The Best EDC Knife

There are a few important aspects to consider when choosing the best EDC knife for your needs. Key aspects I would consider when choosing an EDC knife include:

  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Blade
  • Handle Material and Grip

What do you want to use it for?

An EDC knife is intended to be a tool that you use to do general activities, such as cutting rope, opening bags or even unscrewing small screws. However, a lot of people also consider EDC knives for huntingsurvival and self defense purposes. Each use will have its own unique set of requirements. Click on the links to see the guidance we provide for each type of knife.

Size – Small or Large Knives?

How do you plan to carry your knife? The way you want to carry your knife will have an effect on the way you carry your knife. I tend to not wear a belt much, so I usually carry my knife in my pocket or in my backpack. For that reason I tend to prefer smaller knives that do not take up too much space.

However, for people who wear belts you can have your knife in a holster/pouch on your belt. This will allow you to be able to carry medium sized knives. Medium sized knives have more stability and are generally much sturdier than the smaller knives, so in terms of size a medium sized knife should be the best EDC knife option. I would advise against a too large a knife, as this will hamper you to comfortably carry your knife and might also attract some unwanted attention.


The best EDC knife needs to be light! If you are carrying it around all day you do not want something that is heavy. Modern knife materials allow for much lighter and tougher knives than would have been possible many years ago. The best EDC knife options will typically weigh less than 5 ounces.

Blade – The important bit!

The blade is the most important part of the knife, and typically what drives the price of the knife.

Blade material

When it comes to blade material, there are two main options: Stainless steel and Carbon blades.

Stainless steel products are boasted quite frequently for many products, but when it comes to knives it’s generally seen as beneficial because they are more resistant to the wear and tear of frequent use. They’re resistant to rust and water damage, and they’re easy to sharpen. However, they lose their edge quite frequently. Despite the name, stainless steel is also susceptible to stains.

Carbon blades are tougher than stainless steel, but they are highly susceptible to rust and stains. They’re also more difficult to sharpen, but they don’t dull nearly as easily as stainless steel.

For me, the material to go with when choosing the best EDC knife is stainless steel. It doesn’t rust while still being robust enough against daily wear and tear.

Fixed blade knives VS Folding knives

If you intend to use your knife for hunting or self defense purposes, a fixed blade knife will probably be your best EDC knife option. However, for general every day use a fixed blade knife will not be the best EDC knife option as it takes up a lot of space and weighs more than folding knives. I prefer folding blades for my EDC knife.

Handle Material – Keeping a Grip

Your EDC knife is a tool and a tool needs to have a good grip. You can get knives made from plastic, wood, composites and plastics. For me, the best EDC knife should be made from a light weight yet rugged material that will not scratch easily or show wear and tear too easily. It also needs to be textured to allow for grip.


The key considerations I recommend for choosing the best EDC knife for your needs are:

  • Small to medium sized
  • Light weight
  • Stainless steel folding blade
  • Made from rugged material that is easy to grip

Your Thoughts on The Best EDC Knife – What Do You Think?

What do you think is the best EDC knife? We all have our opinions and I would love to hear yours! Please leave a comment in the comments section below to share your thoughts.


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